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Unsurpassed technical support for printers and cutters from renowned Japanese, Chinese and regional manufacturers—including sales of machines, optional and spare parts, accessories and consumables for the graphics industry.

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Patrinus... and everything works

Patrinus Digital is a team of experts with many years of international experience in the field of advanced digital technologies for professionals in the graphic industry.

We carefully listen and advise our clients, finding the most appropriate solutions for digital printing, and only then do we sell, install, maintain and/or service DTF, DTG, solvent, sublimation or UV machines. For them, we also offer various types of accessories and consumables.

Patrinus Digital is the exclusive distributor of Durmax—first-class flagpoles and flags—about which you can learn more in a separate thematic unit.
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We represent some of the world's leading manufacturers


Providing you with unique printing solutions, regardless of your applications. Offering exceptional and versatile solutions for every material and application.


The first fully equipped, most advanced and arguably the best-selling machines for DTF printing in this area.


One of the world's finest manufacturers of digital printers and related equipment.

Chinese machines

The world's largest industry regularly produces new machines in the field of digital printing.

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Clients know best

When several hundred clients, as many as Patrinus Digital has today, decide to place their trust in you, it is an excellent market result, a reason for a good mood, a clear confirmation of invested effort and knowledge, an easily measurable indicator of success—but at the same time a great responsibility.

Those who strive for excellence, like us, are ready to carry that burden every day—and not to lower the high standards you expect from a business partner you can trust.

After all, ask one of our clients. They know it best.

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We monitor, apply and improve

Novelties in the field of digital printing appear daily, rapidly changing the graphic industry. Patrinus Digital's expert team closely monitors, studies, checks and applies—and often improves them—based on their knowledge and vast experience, to offer their clients the best business solutions and save their time, money and nerves.

Although no printing technology has any secrets for us, we single out the five that we deal with the most.

  • DTF printing (an acronym for Direct To Film) is a technology similar to DTG printing, but it is first printed on a special film that is then transferred to the fabric. The main advantage of this method of weaving is the possibility of applying it to almost any fabric like polyester, cotton, silk, synthetic fibres, etc.
  • DTG
  • DTG printing (an acronym for Direct-To-Garment) is a process of printing on textiles using water-based ink technology. DTG printers usually have a roller that holds the garment in a stationary position while the printer head prints or sprays ink onto the textile.
  • solvent
  • Solvent based printing uses inks based on drying solvents for printing on substrates such as flexible vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and posters.
  • sublimare
  • Sublimation printing (lat. sublimare – to elevate, raise) is a digital printing technology that uses heat to transfer ink to materials such as plastic, cardboard, paper or fabric. The ink is first applied to a special substrate and then transferred to the final material using a thermal press. In this way, the ink changes its aggregate state, permanently bonding with the fibres of the material on which it was applied.
  • DTG
  • UV digital printing (an abbreviation for ultraviolet) is a digital printing technology that uses ultraviolet light to dry ink during printing. While the print head of the printer applies ink to the surface of the material (substrate), special UV lamps follow the head, instantly curing the ink.
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Durmax - first-class flagpoles and flags

Patrinus Digital is the exclusive distributor of Durmax flagpoles.

First-class Durmax flagpoles, made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, are a combination of advanced Swedish technology and decades of experience of the world's best flagpole manufacturers.

Their main features are…

Elegant. Light. Flexible. No grounding is required. Rust resistant. Low or no maintenance. Durable. Long-lasting.

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For outdoor events, where you don't want to miss the opportunity to be recognizable and noticed from afar, you will need portable and practical telescopic flagpoles. Durmax Escalion, adjustable in height from 1.8 to 5.5 m, is undoubtedly the best choice and will serve you faithfully for years.

durmax Companion logo

In addition to Durmax polyester flagpoles and Durmax Escalion telescopic flagpoles, as part of the Durmax Companion production program, we also offer the production of high-quality flags of various types, materials, dimensions and purposes, digitally printed on top industrial machines, with careful and precise final assembly.

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