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Service, sales, production material and spare parts for printers and cutters by MimakiAzonEpson, and other machines made in China.

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a new company for new technologies

The company Patrinus Digital has gathered a team of experts with many years of international experience in the field of advanced digital technologies intended for professionals in the graphic industry.

We deal with the sale, servicing and maintenance of machines for digital printing - UV, DTG, DTF, sublimation and solvent technology - as well as the sale of various types of raw materials.


So, if you plan to or you already are in the digital printing business, we are your No. 1 choice for an uninterrupted worry-free business.

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we cooperate with the world's leading brands

World's leading brands in the digital printing business:


World pioneer in the application of new digital printer technology and cutter production.


Providing you with unique printing solutions, regardless of your applications. Offering exceptional and versatile solutions for every material and application.


One of the world's largest manufacturers of printers and accompanying supplements.

Chinese machines

The world's largest industry frequently produces new and inovative machines in the field of digital printing.

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trust is a must

We are aware that trust is built through long-term cooperation and honesty. Therefore, our goal is to find the optimal solution for each of our partners.

When selling a new machine, our goal is not to sell the most expensive machine, but to find out, along with our partner, the machine that best suits its needs.

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we adopt novelties regularly

Novelties in the field of digital printing appear almost on a daily basis. Not only in the area of printers and cutters themselves, novelties also appear in the field of production materials and accompanying equipment for machines.

We follow novelties on the international market, and if they appear suitable for our market, we test them and finally apply them to our partners.

We currently work with the following technologies:

  • UV digital printing (abbreviation for ultraviolet) is a digital printing technology that uses ultraviolet light for drying or hardening the ink while printing. While the printer head distributes ink onto the surface of the material (called the "substrate"), specially designed UV lights follow the head, drying or curing the ink instantly.
  • DTG
  • DTG printing (abbreviation for Direct-to-garment ) is a process of printing on textiles using a specialized technology based on water ink. DTG printers usually have a roller designed to hold a garment in a fixed position while the printer head prints or sprays ink onto the textile.
  • sublimare
  • Sublimation printing (lat. sublimare) is a digital printing technology that uses heat to transfer ink to materials such as plastic, cardboard, paper or fabric. Ink is first applied to a special base film from which it is further transmitted via a thermal press on the final material. In this way, the ink changes its aggregate state and as such the ink permanently binds to the fibers of the final material.
  • DTF
  • DTF printing (abbreviation for Direct-to-garment Transfer) is a technology similar to DTG printing with the difference that the motive is first printed on a special film that is afterwards directly transferred to the fabric. The main advantage is the possibility of application on almost any fabric (polyester, cotton, silk, synthetic fibers, etc.).
  • solvent
  • Solvent based printing uses inks based on drying solvents. It is used for printing on substrates such as flexible vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and posters.
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No grounding system needed. Rust-proof.

Patrinus Digital is a direct importer and seller of Durmax flagpoles, made under the license of Swedish Formenta, which produces the highest quality and most sought-after polyester flagpoles in the world. They are characterized by high resistance, longevity and elegance. Durmax flagpoles do not need grounding, they do not rust and have a lock-protected system for raising and lowering the flag.

Patrinus Digital also offers the organization of special transport needed for the delivery of any number of flagpoles to the desired destination.

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